Specialty coffee from India

Anamalais (Tamil Nadu): Wildlife sanctuaries in this region are the abode of spotted leopards, while the plantations are home to fine, high-grown Arabicas, including the exotic Kents.

Araku valley (Andhra Pradesh): Home to colourful parrots, it is not unusual to see a flock of chattering red and green birds, darting through trees in this scenic valley.

Bababudangiris (Karnataka): Bababudan brought seven ‘magical’ beans from Yemen and planted them in the lofty hills of this region. Deer is often spotted here, grazing alongside plantations abundant with full-bodied Arabicas.

Main production areas: Traditional areas representing the southern states of Karnataka, Kerala and Tamil Nadu.
Port of shipment: Mangalore, Cochin
Export bag size: 60kg
Total number of coffee farmers: 250.000

Cup Profile:
Washed Arabica: almond, milk chocolate, low acidity
Washed Robusta: smooth, hazelnut, very clean

Coffee Origins

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