Frequently Asked Questions


How can I also order coffee from Rehm & Co.?

As an alternative to our webshop, send us an email to info [at] or give us a call on +49 40 37 86 15 0. We’ll inform you about prices and availabilities. Once the necessary information has been given we will start processing your order.

Is there an offer list/pricelist?

Yes, there is! Simply sign-up by clicking here for our weekly newsletter and receive our offer list every Moday.

Is there a minimum amount I need to order?

We do not have a minimum order quantity – everything starting at one bag can be ordered. However, we only sell our coffees in its original packaging (e.g. 10 – 70 kg Jute bags etc. depending on the origin/rarity).

How can I order samples?

You are more than welcome to order up to 5 different samples via our webshop. Click the sample request button on each product page or send us an email to info [at] and include whether or not the samples need to be roasted or green.

How do I know which coffees are currently available?

Every sold-out coffee is marked with a tag and we also indicate products stored in the shopping basket.

Our pricelist is divided into three different sections (spot/afloat/unshipped) which gives indication on where the coffee is. All coffees listed as “spot” are in our warehouse in Hamburg.

What are your delivery times?

The standard transit time for national (domestic) shipments that we order is max. 48 h from the time of loading at our warehouse. For international shipments, the transit time varies between 2 and 6 working days.

How much are the shipping costs?

The national shipping costs (within Germany) depend on the number of pallets to be transported (important: only max. 11 bags of max. 70 kg per pallet are permitted):

– 1 pallet = 99.00 € plus 9% diesel surcharge

– 2 pallets = 84,00 € per pallet plus 9% diesel surcharge

– 3 pallets = 75,00 € per pallet plus 9% diesel surcharge

– 4 pallets = € 73.00 per pallet plus 9% diesel surcharge

– From 5 pallets = on request

The international shipping costs are based on the actual weight and the distance to the respective delivery location, regardless of the number of pallets to be transported (important: only a maximum of 11 bags of max. 70 kg per pallet are permitted).

Which factors influences the coffee price?

Like other commodities, coffee is being traded at the stock exchange which trades in US-Dollars. The global supply and demand is therefore one crucial indicator for price. However, also the foreign exchange rate of the € compared to the US-Dollar influences the final price.

Which coffees can I use for blends?

Generally speaking there are no limits for blends as personal preferences. Simply send us an email at info [at] or give us a call on +49 40 37 86 15 0.

If I’m uncertain which coffees suit me best, is there a way in which Rehm & Co. can support me in my decision making?

Of course there is! Just let us know which flavor profile your aiming for and we’ll find something suitable together.

My coffee is sold out, what can I do?

Many factors influence the availability of coffee. Therefore, it can happen that a specific quality is sold out.

Every sold-out coffee can be placed on a waiting list. You will find the link under each coffee and the waiting list in your personal account. We will inform you automatically as soon as the coffee is back in stock in our webshop.

When will my coffee be back in stock?

Every sold-out coffee can be placed on a waiting list by clicking on it. You will find the link under each coffee and the waiting list in your personal account. We will inform you automatically as soon as the coffee is back in stock in our webshop.

The moment we buy a coffee it is listed under „unshipped“ in our weekly price list including an indication of expected arrival. In case the coffee you are looking for is not yet listed, just let us know. Simply send us an email at info [at] or give us a call on +49 40 37 86 15 0.

My roastery is located outside of Germany, can I still order at Rehm & Co.?

Of course! Whether in Germany or international, our freight cost calculator shows your individual expected freight costs to your preferred address.

We deliver to all EU member states. The coffee is always EU duty paid. German VAT will be charged if no valid VAT No. has been specified or is available.

I would like to make changes to my order, which options do I have?

Making changes to an order depends on its current status. If the goods are already wrapped and ready to be picked up, there is no possibility of making changes.

How can I contact someone at Rehm & Co.?

If you have general questions about our coffees, contracts and conditions, feel free to contact our trading team by e-mail or phone via info [at] or +49 40 378 615 – 0

If you have any questions about transportation, you can also directyl contact our logistics team by email or phone via traffic [at] or +49 40 378 514 – 25


Which is the most common packaging for coffee?

Most of our coffees are stored in jute bags (usually also in GrainPro), polypropylene bags, but also in paper bags (clabin bags).

Coffee rarities are usually stored in barrels or even smaller containers such as cartons or vacpacks.

The coffee can either be collected as loose bagged goods or packed on pallet(s).

The pallets are always wrapped and double-banded.

Where is my coffee stored?

The majority of our coffee is stored at our logistic partner storage at Vollers in Hamburg while smaller, mostly rarities are repacked at our office. We also have selected coffees in stock for you to order from our warehouse in Dongen, the Netherlands.

What is the minimum amount to be delivered?

Everything starting at 1 packaging unit.

Is it possible to organize the delivery myself or can I also pick up my goods?

Of course! You can collect your coffee yourself at our warehouse in Hamburg. You’ll get everything in advance you need sended by mail, which you, or the person picking up your goods needs to have with them as a printout: You will receive a release document from us with all the necessary details (pick-up reference, pick-up address and opening hours of our warehouse Vollers in Hamburg, contact person and their contact details).

How many bags fit on one pallet?

In general, 10 bags fit on one pallet depending on the bag size.

When does my delivery arrive?

Generally speaking it takes up to two business days for a delivery after the goods have been picked up at the warehouse. If you are managing an individual pick up, please let us know prior to 11 AM the day before.

What needs to be done once my goods arrive?

First and foremost you need to check if everything has been delivered properly (no damage done to the bags, the number of bags equals the number you ordered). If you did not order anything, please do not accept or sign anything. If you do detect damages, please notify the trading team by sending us an email at info [at]

What can be done if my goods have been damaged?

Important: Please always check whether you have received the correct goods. If this is not the case, please refuse to accept the goods. If you detect any damage while the delivery, please ask the driver to confirm the damage, take pictures of the damage and send all the info to the trading team at info [at]

To simplify processing, please have your order number or invoice number ready.

If you have organized the transport yourself, please contact the shipping company.

What is the shelf-life of green coffee?

Green coffee, if stored correctly, does have a long shelf-life. There will be some indications in taste with regard to aging, but if the coffee is stored in a place which is not too moist and not too dry – roasting should not be a problem.

How can I store my green coffee?

The ideal storage should be a place with low moisture levels (to avoid mold) and a temperature between -10 and 25°C.

What should I expect in terms of freight costs?

The costs depend on the total amount (kg) and the address to which it should be delivered. If you have that information at hand, just ask our trading by sending us an email at info [at] or give us a call on +49 40 37 86 15 0 and we can give you an estimate. This applies for roasteries both in and outside Germany.


I’m looking for organic coffees – does Rehm & Co. offer these?

We do offer organics and other certified coffees. Please also refer to our abbreviations such as ORG for Organic or FTO for FairTrade Organic and more.

With which farmers or cooperatives does Rehm & Co. collaborate?

With many! Over the years we were able to establish a strong and sustainable network in coffee. Further information can be found on each product page


Which payment options are available at Rehm & Co.?

You can either pay for your order conveniently by bank transfer, PayPal or credit card. For existing customers, individually agreed payment terms may apply.